Make 2020 your best year with this definitive guide to goal setting

Sometimes feel lost? Like you don’t know what to do with your life? Yes? I have good news for you! You are definitely not alone and there is a solution. With this guide, 2020 will be the best year you’ll ever have!

We make ourselves unhappy

A lot of us do the same thing over and over each day and get no satisfaction from it. We get up in the morning because we have to. We go to work because we need money. At the weekend, we go to parties to escape our routine. Sounds familiar?

It’s sad, because we don’t have to! Deep down, we know that’s not how we want to spend the rest of our lives. But because it is human to choose the easy, familiar way, we keep ourselves in this unhappy cycle. Just know that there is always another option, there is always a choice to get out of the cycle.

Goals give us meaning

The human species is goal-oriented. Goal can also be replaced by ‘project’. We feel lost and in a never-ending cycle, when we have no goals or projects! It’s as simple as that. Without a goal, we wake up because we have to. With a goal, we wake up because we want to!

It is difficult for some people to find goals, and that’s completely normal. The best way is to use a specific technique, that I explained in this article, to find out the things that make you happy and give you fulfillment.

After you’ve done this, we can start building a goal sheet. I suggest starting with a really simple one. Once you’re more familiar with goal setting, you can upgrade and expand your goal sheet as you wish.

Some of the most successful people use structured goal sheets to get where they want. Most of them aren’t extraordinary, supertalented beings. High achievers set goals and put in the work to reach them. And most important: they stick to their goal sheet, no matter what! They won’t let failure or a setback get in the way of achieving what they want.

Making a goal sheet

A nice way to begin is to divide your goal sheet into different categories. Examples are relationships, work, health, study, money, … Try to find at least one realistic goal in each category you create. Later, you can add as many goals as you wish.

Start with short-term goals! Short-term can be a week, a month or quarterly. Much longer than that is getting too far away in the future. Short-term goals keep you more motivated and give you less opportunity to find excuses not to do them.

The best thing to do is to write your goals down! This makes it more definite and more real. Provide each goal with a timeframe. If you don’t have a clear point in time, chances are big you’ll find excuses not to do it.

And a really important one: read your goal sheet each day! This will keep you on track and motivated. Each week or month, it’s time to review your goals and adjust if necessary. Some goals may be harder than expected. But if you review your goals on a regular basis and adjust accordingly, you’ll avoid disappointment.

There is nothing wrong with setting long-term goals, but make sure you break them up with monthly or quarterly goals. This leads to a much higher compliance.


You can start simple. Let’s suppose you don’t enjoy your current job and probably won’t be able to quit or change jobs anytime soon. In that case, try to find something small, something you can achieve on a daily or weekly basis. Examples could be:

  • I will give 3 genuine smiles each day
  • I will greet everybody that I come across
  • When commuting to work, I’ll listen to an inspirational podcast
  • In my lunch break, I’ll do 10 push-ups
  • Instead of watching tv, I’ll read a self-development book 2 nights/week

Simple, right? Even these small goals will start to give more meaning to your day! Imagine what setting some bigger goals will do with your day-to-day drive to live!

Give yourself the best year of your life

Start making your goal sheet now! Be completely prepared for 2020 and you’ll be amazed at what a goal sheet does for you. If you want more tips and tricks to improve the quality of your life, have a scroll through the blog feed. The blog is updated weekly with new information!

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